BLUBIRD BBR1250 20ga. Retractable Hose Reel with 1/2" X 50' Air Hose, 12 Point Ratcheting Gear, Next-Gen Rubber, Lightest, Strongest, Most Flexible, 300 PSI, -50F to 190F Degrees, Polyester Braided

BluBird hoses were designed, developed and manufactured by RMX and are the market’s lightest, strongest, most flexible 100% rubber hoses. BluBird is the evolution of general purpose hoses. A conflation of 20 years of market and technical experience and the need to invent, BluBird was developed not with the market-needs in mind, but with the end-user needs. It is quite simply the ultimate rubber hose. 40% lighter than others and as light as hybrid / PVC hoses. And it is stronger than the best of rubber hoses.. Ease of use: Lays flat, does not kink under pressure, doesn't get sticky and dirty like plastic and hybrid hoses, much easier to clean.. Unmatched cold-weather flexibility: Remains as flexible at -50F as the best hybrids do at 0F. Perfectly usable. Doesn't become a noodle up till 200F either.. this hose will last long. Really long.. Braided, not just spiraled, polyester gives 300PSI Working Pressure from -50F to 200F with a burst pressure of 1200PSI (Most '300PSI' hybrids have a 900PSI burst).
  • SMOOTH GEARING SYSTEM: BluBird's metal retractable hose reel has a smooth auto-rewind 12 point locking ratchet gear system allowing you to lock at various lengths.
  • LIGHTEST, STRONGEST, MOST FLEXIBLE: BluBird's 100% rubber air hose is 40% lighter than standard industry hoses and as light a hybrid or PVC hose. It is stronger than the best of rubber hoses.
  • UNMATCHED COLD WEATHER FLEXIBILITY: Remains as flexible at -50F as the best hybrids at 0F. Perfectly usable. Doesn’t become a noodle up until 200F.
  • NEVER COIL YOUR HOSE AGAIN: Fully retractable, four rollers to reduce hose wear, horizontal or vertical wall mount options, an adjustable guide arm, includes 50 ft 1/2 inch and 3' lead-in hose.
  • EASE OF USE: Each BluBird hose is ultra light and super strong hose with 4 finger grip bend restrictor for easy of use.