BluShield Aramid Braided Rubber Pressure Washer Hose, 4100 Psi, Handle 250°F Hot Water, Heavy Duty, 35% Lighter, Flexible (3/8" x 100' Non Marking)

This product was designed to give a new perspective to Red Rubber Hoses - the exceptional cold-weather flexibility, the durability and premium feel of high-end Rubber hose. The best of all this is one revolutionary but affordable rubber hose package.
  • Industry leading 1-year warranty.
  • Lightweight and Heavy-duty: The hoses are braided with Aramid fibers (Kevlar), making them 35% lighter than other pressure washing hoses, yet strong and durable.
  • Extreme Weather Resistant: These 100% rubber hoses can handle hot water up to 250°F and remain flexible in cold weather temperatures as low as -20°F.
  • Bend Restrictors: The four-finger grip bend restrictors included in the hoses reduce bending stress near the coupling and increase working efficiency by providing better control.
  • High Pressure Capacity: These hoses have a 4100 PSI working pressure and a 16,400 PSI safety burst pressure (4:1), making them suitable for heavy-duty cleaning jobs.