Bosch 10 pc. Laminate/Wood/Metal T-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set T10C


Product Description

The Bosch Laminate/Wood/Metal Jig Saw Blade Set contains a variety of fast-cut, smooth-cut, down-cut, and scrolling blades comprising a handy set for tackling common wood projects and thin-metal cutting. The set includes the premium T128BHM carbide laminate jig saw blade, which features bi-directional tooth geometry, providing clean cuts on both sides of cutting surface, ideal for high-pressure laminate. These blades are made of Bi-Metal and high-carbon steel, delivering high performance with precise, clean cuts. The steel teeth provide a sharp, long-lasting cutting edge. The blades have a T-shank design for maximum grip and stability, which fits over 90% of current jig saw makes and models. The set includes blades optimized for specific tasks cutting Laminate/Wood/Metal (ferrous and non-ferrous). The robust storage case provides durable storage and transport, along with extra storage for additional blades.