Chapin G2005P 2 Gallon Horticultural Vinegar Folding Handle Sprayer


Prefer organic options in your yard and garden? Use horticultural vinegar. Clear weeds, deter animals and other pests without chemicals.

Chapin's G2005P horticultural vinegar sprayer is perfect for organic weed control. Its tough seals are vinegar-resistant, tested specifically for use with horticultural vinegar. It comes with our SureSpray® anti-clog filter so you can keep spraying even if you get debris and dirt in the tank. The folding carrying handle makes it easy to grab and store when you're done.

  • 2-gallon translucent tank
  • 3-inch wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning
  • Horticultural vinegar-resistant seals, ideal for organic weed control
  • Shut-off with filter and in-tank Sure Spray® anti-clog filter
  • 2 nozzles: poly fan and adjustable poly cone for a variety of applications
  • Folding carry handle
  • Pressure relief valve