he black and red COAST FL75 Dual-Color Pure Beam Focusing LED Headlamp gives you the ability to choose from three white-light outputs and set the beam configuration and even the color of the output, allowing you to tailor the output to the job or task you have in front of you. Up to 435 lumens of white light will illuminate your after-dark activities, but you can switch to red if you need to preserve night-acclimated vision.

With a simple twist of the head, the versatile Pure Beam system allows you to switch from the wide Ultra View Flood Beam, which lights large areas close to you with a smooth and consistent beam from one edge to the other, to a focused spotlight that is optimized for a long throw. In the spot mode, the light has COAST's "Bull's-Eye" Beam, which has a bright center circle that smoothly transitions to a dimmer "halo" around it, providing maximum illumination precisely where you need it with plenty of spill to keep you aware of your surroundings. The angle of the light head can be adjusted down for precise beam placement to fully illuminate where you're working.

The light runs on three included AAA batteries that are easy to replace when you need to. Weighing just 3.7 ounces, the light won't cause neck strain or discomfort while wearing it, and it comes with an adjustable headband accented with reflective details to improve your visibility to others if you're walking the dog on the roadside. To withstand inclement weather, the housing is IPX4-rated to be water resistant against splashing water or rain. The FL75 comes complete and ready to use with batteries, an adjustable-fit headband with reflective accents, and a set of hard hat clips.