Coast SH300 Full Brim Safety Hard Hat with LHS300 Rechargeable LED Lighted Helmet Strap

Directional Reflective Arrows: Stay Visible from 360 degrees. Ensure co-workers know which way you’re facing, even in the dark—using a hard hat with reflective signal tape on the side walls that points arrows in the forward direction.
Built-In Vents: Stay cool on the job during long days in the sun—the hardhat’s built-in vents allow warm air to flow away from your head and cooling breezes to pass through.
Durable Outer Shell: Protect your head from unseen risks and unexpected impacts with a hard hat whose shell is made from super-durable and deflective polyethylene composite.
Locking Ratchet: Set your adjustable hard hat suspension how you like it and then lock it in place for a secure, snug, and safe fit throughout the workday.
Absorbent Brow Pad: Wick moisture away from your eyes and brow to stay comfortable and see clearly no matter how intense your work may become.