Coast ZX850 ZITHION-X Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery for XP9R XPH30R and TP9R LED Flashlights and Headlamps Black

The COAST ZX850 XPH30R ZITHION-X Li-Ion ported rechargeable battery is designed with an integrated micro USB allowing the convenience of your battery to be charged outside your light. All COAST ZITHION-X batteries include a built-in charge level indicator showcasing the batteries charge status (flashing red) when charging, (solid green) when fully charged. Simply plug a USB-C cord into the battery port, connect the cord to an available power source and charge. All COAST ZITHION-X batteries are protected with premium overcharge/discharge protection and are backed by COAST’s one-year warranty.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Power up on your terms with a recharging system that connects to standard outlets and ports.
  • BATTERY CHARGING LEVEL INDICATOR: Check the status of your batteries charge level with our built-in charge level indicator. (Solid red) when charging, (solid green) when fully charged.
  • BUILT-IN USB-C PORT: With a built-in USB-C port, your battery can be charged using a USB-C cord. Some COAST models can be charged both inside or outside the light.
  • OVERCHARGE/DISCHARGE PROTECTION CIRCUITS: Over charging and improperly discharging lithium batteries can cause a safety concern and hazerdous risk to the user and it's surroundings. COAST batteries are built with