DeWALT DCV517B 20V MAX 20 Volt HEPA Portable Cordless Vacuum WET/DRY VAC Battery Kit


DEWALT DCV517B 20V MAX* Cordless 1/2 Gallon Wet/Dry Portable Vac 

The DEWALT DCV517B 20V MAX* Cordless 1/2 gal Wet/Dry Portable Vac - Bare tool is great for general jobsite clean up, with a HEPA system allows fine dust clean up like drywall and masonry. The HEPA wet/dry filter traps 99.97% of dust at 0.3 microns. This is a washable filter that can be cleaned with a tap water rinse to clean. It has dual clean-up modes which allow for debris removal with either the front utility nozzle or with an extendable heavy duty rubber hose that provides durability and flexibility. The 1/2 gallon tank with heavy-duty latch is easy to empty and clean.

Dual Clean-Up Modes

Built to make clean up quick and easy, the DEWALT 20-Volt MAX* Wet/Dry Vac goes wherever your work takes you with its cordless design and 1/2-gallon tank. A heavy-duty latch secures the tank when the vacuum is in use, and is easy to release when it's time to empty and clean out the tank.

Washable HEPA 0.3-Micron Filter

At the heart of this Vac's performance is a GORE HEPA wet/dry filter that's rated at 0.3 microns and traps 99.97 percent of dust particles. This capture rate helps to keep work sites looking their best and helps to keep the air you breathe cleaner and safer.

DEWALT DCB203-2 20V MAX Li-Ion Compact Battery

The DCB203 20V MAX Compact Lithium Ion 2-Pack has an extended run-time battery and provides immediate feedback on state of charge with the 3-LED Fuel Gauge System.


  • No memory and virtually no self-discharge for maximum productivity and less downtime
  • Individual pack weights 1.0 lbs allowing user maximum run-time in a lightweight battery