Johnson Level & Tool 40-6541 High Accuracy Dual Slope Rotary Laser System, Red, 1 ‎Kit

Designed with the excavator, flatwork contractor, or landscaper in mind, this horizontal-only rotary features a wide dual-slope range of 8°. One of our easiest to operate and quickest leveling rotaries, you'll be up and running in no time with the 40-6541.

  • ACCURATE LEVELING: This Johnson Rotary Laser Tool is designed to complete both indoor and outdoor leveling jobs. The vertical self-leveling makes it equally suitable to aligning posts or footings; or indoors to layout walls or floors.
  • PROGRAMMABLE DESIGN: The self-level digital laser features a programmable dual-slope function. 8 deg. Dual slope takes the math out of the equation when checking grade or setting drainage and makes this laser ideal for drainage; flatwork; or complex landscaping jobs.
  • ACCURACY & SAFETY: This laser kit for leveling features visual and audible security alarms; promising complete accuracy along with safety. The laser beam will flash and an audible alarm will siren to indicate that the leveling range is incorrect.
  • ROTARY LASER: Perfect for flatwork contractors; excavators; and anyone doing vertical or slope work; this tool self-levels both horizontally and vertically; making vertical layout such as fencing; footings; and drywall track effortless.
  • KIT INCLUDES: This Dual slope Rotary Laser Kit is equipped with a Laser; NiMH rechargeable battery pack and charger; remote control with 9V battery; detector with clamp and 9V battery; tripod; 13' grade rod; magnetic target; tinted glasses; and hard-shell carrying case.