Johnson Level & Tool 40-6791 Machine Mountable 360 Degree Detector with Clamp and Magnet, 360°, Red Beam, 1 Laser Detector

Johnson's machine-mountable laser detector is ideal for using red beam rotary lasers outdoors at great distances, when the human eye cannot see the laser beam, by quickly and accurately locating the laser signals. The detector features a large 360° detecting range, and with a bright LED display for easy reading, the detector displays the information you need to get your leveling job done quickly and easily. This detector comes with everything you need to get your jobsite up and running - including clamps and powerful magnets for attaching the detector to machines, an NiMH rechargeable battery pack, cable, charger, and hard-shell carrying case. The detector can also be paired to Johnson's 40-6792 remote display to repeat the detector's display directly into the operator's cab of the equipment, making it ideal for use on skid steers and other equipment with limited visibility.

  • LASER DETECTOR: This Johnson Detector Tool is designed for use in combination with red beam rotary lasers. It quickly helps by detecting laser signals on large jobsite and in bright lights where laser beams are otherwise difficult to locate.
  • 360 DEGREE RANGE: The universal laser visibility tool has a large 360-deg. detecting window allowing maximum detecting capacity. This 360-deg. range helps locate any unseen red beam signals from rotary lasers on indoor or outdoor jobsites.
  • SECURE MOUNTING: Ideal for mounting on machinery; the laser detection device can easily be used hand-free. It can be used with 12/24 volt batteries or rechargeable batteries.
  • IDEAL APPLICATIONS: This laser detecting device features bright LED lights and an LCD display to allow easy reading of information. It is ideal for use with bulldozers; back hoes; end loaders; etc.
  • KIT INCLUDES: This Machine Mountable 360 Degree Detector is equipped with replaceable parts such as including clamps and powerful magnets for attaching the detector to machines; a NiMH rechargeable battery pack; cable; charger; and hard-shell carrying case.