Johnson Level & Tool 5700-2400D JLX Programmable Digital Level, 24", Orange, 1 Level

Johnson's most robust and accurate digital level, the JLX® 24" programmable digital level has the accuracy and durability required for professional applications. It features pre-programmed ADA compliance, drainage and roof pitch modes that simplify measurements for the most common digital level applications, but it can also be easily customized to meet your needs. This level is easy to use - it features simple, three-button operation and its dual backlit LCD displays on the top and front put the information where you need it. Both displays automatically invert when you are taking overhead measurements. Durability is never a concern with this level - its IP65 construction provides complete protection against dust and water. It also comes with a non-marring wall grip and its crystal clear vials were designed to never fog, leak or crack. The included soft-sided case keeps your level clean and safe when not in use.

  • DIGITAL LEVEL: This leveler is pre-programmed ADA compliant and features drainage modes that simplify the measurements for the common digital level applications. It delivers accurate performance that are ideal for professionals.
  • SMART DESIGN: the electronic level features a dual backlit LCD display screen on the top and front; allowing the information to display where you need it. It comes with a soft-sided case to keep the leveler safe.
  • ADVANCED FEATURE: The 24” programmable digital level has a three-button operation for convenient usage. The LCD display are smartly designed to meet the current professional needs. It displays automatically invert when taking the overhead measurements.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: The box level tool is fully temperature compensated that is ideal to use in changing ambient environment; making it durable enough to withstand the outdoor weather condition.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The 24"electronic box level features IP65 construction protects against dust and water. It has a non-marring wall grip and crystal-clear vials that are fog; leak; and crack proof.