Quik Drive PRO300SD25K 1-1/2"-3" DW276 2500 RPM Autofeed Screwgun Kit


The Simpson PRO300SD25K auto-feed Decking system features a DeWalt 2500 rpm screwdriver motor and makes the installation of Decking quick and easy. Easily install Decking on decks, docks, subfloor to wood or steel, wall plates, stair treads, sheathing and fiber-cement siding to steel. Limited lifetime warranty on attachment and extension, 1 year limited warranty on screwdriver motors (see specific manufacturer's warranty for more information).

The PRO300SD25K combo system includes:

  • PRO300 Decking Attachment
  • Extension for stand-up driving
  • Quiver for keeping screws at your fingertips
  • Decking Nose Clip
  • DeWalt 2500 RPM Screwdriver Motor
  • Rugged tool box

Designed for use with these collated Quik Drive Fasteners:

  • Deck-Drive DSV Wood Screws
  • Deck-Drive DCU Composite Screws
  • Deck-Drive DWP Wood SS Screws
  • Deck-Drive DHPD Hardwood Screws
  • Strong Drive WSNTL Wood Screws
  • Composi-Lock Composite-Decking Screws
  • Trim-Head Decking Screws : Type-17 Point
  • Trim-Head Decking Screws : Sharp Point
  • SS3DSC Bugle-Head Wood Decking Screws
  • CBSDQ Sheathing-to-CFS Screws